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"Been a long time customer. Evey Easter, Thanksgiving and Xmas we get our turkey from the Clemets and every year it's amazing. My children have grown up with their apples in our fridge for as long as I can remember" Mathiew P

We have a store front at the farm and can be found at the Peterborough farmers' market to serve our customers year round

Visit us at the Oshawa farmer's market at the Oshawa Center during the summer months.

We also do seasonal orders for Turkey, Capon and Duck during the Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving seasons. Visit us at 


Established in 1948, Clement Poultry and Orchards is a family owned and run busines. We pride ourselves in wholesome products and customer services.

We offer a wide variety chicken, turkey and turkey products. Apples and seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresh and delicious


Our customers are dedicated, long time customers who apprecitate the superior quality of our products.

We always welcome new faces and hope to see you soon.


Visit Us 

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